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7 March
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Name- Lesli
Age- sixteen
Bio- "i'm a loner dottie, a rebel." i am referred to as being: spunky. paradoxical. something else altogether. independent. introspective. eccentric. spiritual. full of surprises. ambivalent. anomalous. RECLUSIVE. very petite (5'2") but i could probably beat you up. crafty, perverse, and imaginative. i hate girls who brag about being a bitch and blush when guys say the F word. i like to smoke ciggarettes. i'm sexual, but i don't need to beat you over the head with it like a lot of girls.
Likes- magnetic touch. intellectual intercourse. emotional earthquakes. artist hands, poetic souls. moments that dont require words. real connections. responsibility and maturity. singing along to skipping CDs. knowing what's appropriate. a long kiss goodnight, and nothing more. originality, quirkiness, and depth. sense of humor, sense of self, sense of humanity
Dislikes- (meaning if you do any of these things get the fuck away) being inconsiderate. bad tempers. lack of morals. snapping at me. stubbornness. no trust. ignoring the little things. excessive alcoholism. interrupting me when i speak. wandering eyes. small talk. bi girls who are just in it to be cool. making me beg to be touched. girls that feel the need to exploit themselves sexually to gain attention - you CAN be sexy without being a slut. all-consuming jealousy. people who limit themselves to musical genres

, ancient egypt, animals, art, autumn, being myself, betty paige, bjork, black and white photos, black holes, books, bright colors, butterflies, candles, chills, christmas lights, cigarettes, clovers, coldplay, color, commitment, connection, crimson, cuddling, dancing, danny elfman, dark eyes, dawn, delusion, depth, destruction, distant galaxies, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dried flowers, drug free, earth, edward scissorhands, elliot smith, elusive, emotion, eyeliner, fabric, fairies, fake eyelashes, fashion, fire, first dates, fishnet, floating, flowers, flying, forests, forgiveness, garbage, girl interrupted, glamour, glitter, grunge, happiness, hemp, hickies, html, imagination, jack off jill, jewel, journals, juliana theory, kissing, ladytron, lavender, long conversations, love, make up, marilyn monroe, memories, modest mouse, montrose, moshing, moths, music, mysteries, mystery, nightmare before christmas, nighttime, owls, painting, perfection, photographs, photography, pictures, pixies, pleasure, poetry, polka dots, porcelain, power, pretty girls make graves, pure love, rain, rain clouds, rainbows, rasputina, recovery, rehab, retro, roses, runes, sand dunes, scarves, sewing, shadows, simon and garfunkle, sketching, sleater kinney, smashing pumpkins, soulmates, spinning, stars, storms, strong wind, sunsets, switchblade symphony, tears for fears, the 80's, the beatles, the moon, things i can't understand, thrift stores, tinkerbell, top hats, truth, twirling, vanilla, vanity, vibrant eyeshadow, vintage, warmth, white oleander, wings, winter, wishes, writing